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Adding volume to the Bridge 3.0

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  • Adding volume to the Bridge 3.0

    I just finished Hypertrophy 1 and am just starting the Bridge 3.0 for a second time. I first ran it during the summer and I made a lot of progress on it. I gained about 50 pounds on my squat and 60 pounds on my deadlift, but my bench and overhead press didn't really improve. So, I was thinking I could add some extra back off sets to increase volume for the bench and overhead press but keep everything else the same. Would this be an appropriate adjustment to make, and if so, how many should I add? When I first ran it I didn't undergo any weight loss, so I assume I just don't respond well to the volume that is prescribed.

    Thanks in advance.


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    I'd probably pick either the bench or the press to add volume to in this case. Back off sets would work, sure. I think increasing volume by ~ 20% would be the move so, ~2-3 extra sets per week.
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