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Programming: filling in calendar gaps

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  • Austin Baraki
    Eh, these are all situations that need to be considered on a case-by-case basis.

    If you needed to "add" an extra week before starting a dedicated program, you could do an extra low(er) stress/GPP-type week before getting into the new block.

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  • shutup_and_squat
    started a topic Programming: filling in calendar gaps

    Programming: filling in calendar gaps

    What is the best way to fill in training gaps in a calendar? Say, for example, I have 9 weeks to fill between ending the Bridge and starting the Press Template for a competition, and I want to do HLM to fill the gap. Is there a recommended way to stretch the 8-week HLM to fill the extra week? or is it better to do something else? Likewise, if I had 7 weeks in between, is there an ideal way to shorten HLM?