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Strength I or Powerlifting II

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  • Strength I or Powerlifting II

    Good day docs,

    I have a question regarding template selection. I have been training with Barbell Medicine type templates for a year now and I love the progress I have had. So far I have completed the beginner template, and Powerbuilding I which I ran twice (pretty much stalled out the second time). Currently I am having good success running Alan Thrall's "Dad Block" (on week 8 of 13) which seems to be another "powerbuilding" type template.

    I am planning on doing a pure strength based program next, which I have never done. My question is which of your templates would be better for me. I have never done a strength based program so Strength I seems like the place to start, however I am reacting well to a fourth training day and have been training consistently for a year so maybe I should skip it and go to powerlifting II?

    Anyways, here are my stats if it helps

    Age 27
    Weight 180
    Sq 385
    Paused BP 235
    DL 445

    Would probably run the program in a very slight surplus

    Thanks for the time


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    I'd do PL II in this case for sure
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      Thanks! I will probably wait to see if you guys do a cyber monday thing but will definately do PL next