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First Belt Question... Likely Pioneer Cut

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  • First Belt Question... Likely Pioneer Cut

    I've seen Jordan's recommendation of 4" belts at 10mm. I was looking at the pioneer cut which seems to only come in 10mm if you go with suede. The dyed leather appears to be offered in an 8.5 and a 13mm.

    2 of the more popular equipment brands have their branded versions of these in stock. 1 brand has the 13mm and the other the 8.5mm---interestingly due to a current sale the 13 happens to be cheaper at the moment. Money isn't really an issue either way though and I'd rather get whichever belt would likely be the best suited.

    Any recommendation helps.

    A few stats in case it helps:
    Training for 15+ years, mostly bro split/bodybuilder style but finally getting more serious about my training.
    About 5'7-5'8, 155 lbs (smaller frame with a fair bit of muscle).
    Squat 1RM currently around 300.

    Thanks in advance,

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    I think a 4" 10mm or 13mm belt is fine, but if I wasn't competing I probably would stick with a 10mm as they're a little more comfortable.
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