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Tight vs loose knee sleeves during training

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  • Tight vs loose knee sleeves during training

    So I have a pair of Rehband knee sleeves that are not very tight, but just mainly help keep my knees warm and feeling better. These do not seem to add any weight to my squat other than just making me more confident. On the other hand, I have a pair of SBD sleeves that are extremely tight and difficult to put on, and easily add 20-30+ lbs to my squat.

    I generally do most of my training wearing the Rehband knee sleeves as I feel like the rebound-effect of the tight SBD sleeves takes away some of the training effect of my squats (especially out of the 'hole'). Is there any merit to this? Or should I be doing my training using the tighter SBD sleeves in order to move more weight?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I don't think the SBD sleeves you sometimes wear add any weight to your squat from a mechanical energy standpoint or have any effect on the training adaptations garnered.
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