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  • Powerbuilding I done now what

    Dear Drs,
    I have just completed PB I as my first BBM template and I enjoyed it. Took a few weeks to get past the ingrained notion of going to failure and chasing numbers but now my head it around the RPE system It's been very good and I've gained some bulk and added weight to all my lifts.

    My quiestion is where to now. I like barbell work but have no inclination toward any kind of strenght competing.
    Curious to see how heavy my lifts can get but more interested increasing lean muscle mass and the health benefits of resistance training.

    I was curious to get your thoughts between Hypertrophy I vs II vs powerbuilding II. The synopsis on the website suggests going PBI to HTI but I wonder how necessary you think it is to do HTI before II? Particularly conisdering I just finished PBI and have been lifting fairly consistently for the past 24 months (minus a 3 month COVID lockdown of all gyms).
    I have been training 6 days a week by adding a 3rd GPP day as I have felt like an extra day of training so would probably prefer a 6 day program.

    Moving forward - I'm pretty keen to keep going with your programs and wonder over time would you suggest cylcing between say PBII and HTII or is there a need to cycle down like HTI --> PBI --> HTII --> PB2 repeat.

    Kind Regards

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    I think you could go straight to PB II if you wanted or, alternatively, if you had a good run with PB I and still want to train 3x/wk you could repeat it. Either way works and after the next template I'd do something like:

    1) General S/C
    2) PB II
    3) HT II
    4) PB II

    Should keep you busy for the next year or so
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