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  • The Bridge - Substitute OHP

    I have a bad case of bicep tendinitis after LB squats which is not cooperating rehab-wise. I've spent the last year rehabbing it but I ran out of patience and abandoned the OHP to be able to continue with my lifts. I'm once again back to old PRs on the BP with manageable pain and I want to give the Bridge a go. Do you have any recommendations on an exercise to substitute the OHP with? Sadly any lift that brings my hands higher than shoulders causes pain in the days and weeks afterwards. Just lifting my bare hands is enough for it to start interfering with lifting and life, so even inclines aren't going to solve my problem.

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    While I think that you'd likely benefit from a consultation with our pain and rehab team on this, if this were me, I'd probably do some sort of assisted, tempo dip or DB bench press.
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