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2 GPP days into one

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  • 2 GPP days into one

    On Monday I'll be staying week 5 of The Bridge which moves to 2 days of GPP. Up until now I've been adding chins and ab work onto the end of my workouts but with this change I was wondering if I structure it so that I will just do the lifting days as written and dedicate a training day to doing 7 minutes of chins, rows, ab work and HISS? I'll add an extra 7 minutes of ab work somewhere which will fit the total GPP for the week.

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    If I'm understanding this, yes! One dedicated day of GPP and then the 2nd GPP "day" being added to the end of various lifting days is totally fine.


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      Thanks Leah, I'll try a better explanation.

      I don't do LISS as part of the programme because I walk the dogs most days to get that. With the choice of chins or pull-ups or rows on 2 separate GPP days I would choose to do chins or pull-ups on one day and rows on the other. As for HISS my options are limited at the moment but I do have a skipping rope I can use to do 20s 'sprints'.

      From this my single GPP day would be:

      -Chins (7 minutes)
      -Rows (7 minutes)
      -Abs (7 minutes)
      -20 minutes HISS

      + One extra 7 minute abs somewhere in the week.

      Does this look ok?

      With regards to rows I tend to do Pendlay Rows, for the purpose of GPP would you just do these with a lighter weight or do bodybuilder style BB rows, lever rows, etc?


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        Yes, this is clearer, thanks! So a few things.
        1. I would encourage you to do the LISS anyway. :-) Walking the dog is great and that increases your daily activity, however unless you are walking A LOT, you'd like do well to still get that LISS and at a slightly quicker pace that is often dog walking.
        2. Doing 1 session of chins, rows, abs, and arms is great.
        3. However the program is ONE choice of pull ups, chins, OR rows for 1 GPP day, not both, and I'd encourage you to stick with that.
        4. This means that on the new DAY 2 of GPP in week 5, you have Abs AND the upper back (chins or rows).
        5. In week 6, you then add the 2nd choice of cardio, meaning you have LISS and HITT.
        6. For rows, it really doesn't matter at all!

        You might enjoy this as well-


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          Thanks Leah.

          I take my dogs to a big heath and make an effort to walk at a decent pace, however I can add in a bit of LISS if using a skipping rope is ok for this as well?

          Just to clarify I would only do chins/pull ups and rows on one day when the programme calls for 2 GPP days. Unless you think otherwise I wouldn't do one of chins, pull ups or rows on both GPP days so I would only be doing in one day what I would choose to do on 2 days anyway. So my GPP days would be:

          GPP 1 - chins/pull ups, abs and LISS/HISS

          GPP 2 - rows, abs, arms, LISS/HISS

          I'd just like to combine the majority of the work into a single workout and put whatever is left at the end of the other workouts.


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            Yes, now what you have listed here is exactly what the GPP is intended to be. :-)


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              So would it be ok to split the work to something like:

              Workout Day 1 + Abs

              Workout Day 3 + HISS

              GPP - Chins, Rows, Abs, Arms + LISS

              Workout Day 5

              So the GPP is the same as I have written above, just distributed differently. I will do it as prescribed when I can but working shifts does make this difficult at times.


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                That's fine.
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                  Thank you both, most appreciated.