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3 Day vs 4 Day

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  • 3 Day vs 4 Day

    Hi, just wondering, would it be better to go with a 3 day program and know I can strictly adhere to it including the gpp days or do a 4 day program and possibly have to cut some gpp and/or the occasional lift due to time restraints? For context, am currently doing Allans untamed method 4 day program and am usually having trouble getting everything done due to time, and am planning on doing either hypertrophy I or II next. Have responded pretty well to 3 day programs in the past, but have also done decent with this program, being this is my second time through it and still making some gains.

    Another thought, would it be better to add some extra work if I have extra time to hypertrophy I, or cut some volume from hypertrophy II if I don’t have the time.

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    I don't know that I could confidently say one way or the other is better (or worse). I'd probably err towards having more to do and having to cut stuff as needed, but having it there if you can make it happen.
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      Ok, thank you!