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  • A couple of questions

    Hello Jordan and team,

    Recently I purchased a Concept 2 rower and so far I am enjoying it a lot. I am planning to combine 2x long steady state sessions and 1x Interval one with my current lifting program (my own version that I created minimally tweaking PBI).

    A couple (unrelated one to the other) questions:
    1. I have kept the Pendlay Row Myoreps on Day 2. Do you have any specific thoughts on whether I should replace these with a different exercise (e.g. pull-ups?). By using the ergo 3x week I am considering it picking a different exercise even though I would also be fine keeping the Pendlay rows
    2. Is it worth it to buy a HR monitor? So far I am only looking at stroke rate and splits but it might be perhaps interesting having insight on HR. I have seen some people in the rowing community giving importance to the different HR intensity zones (UT2, UT1, AT, etc).
      Jordan Feigenbaum
      Jordan Feigenbaum I know that you have some experience rowing, would be interesting to hear your thoughts on this
    Many thanks as always,

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    1) I wouldn't change it necessarily.
    2) I don't think so. RPE is probably sufficient for this application.

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      Many thanks, Jordan, appreciate your answer!