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Where should I go from here?

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  • Where should I go from here?

    Hi Guys!

    I've been following your programing for about 15 months. I coached with Leah for about 10 months and then I went to the Powerbuilding 2 template. First a quick testimony, I am loving the way I feel running your programming. I was heavy in the SS mindset for years and I have never felt as strong healthy, lean and confident as I have the last few months.
    I'm on week 8 of my second time through the Powerbuilding 2 template and things are going great. I'm stronger than ever, really happy with the way Iook and overall healthier. All my lifts have been moving up steadily on the template, except my squat.

    With how great things are going, do you think I should just run the program a 3rd time through and maybe change some of the assistant excersizes around?

    Or after 20 weeks on the same program, should I force myself to change it up?

    If it makes a difference, plan is to tighten up the diet by the first of the year and drop a few pounds as I've gotten a little out of control lately.

    Thanks for the thoughts.

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    Unfortunately it's difficult to say what your next best move is here without knowing more about you and your prior training history/response.

    If you are getting a great response from the program overall, it is reasonable to keep using it. Experimenting with different supplemental lifts is up to you - but another good option may be to pursue a consultation and/or form check with our coaches, since that may be helpful to provide you with more individualized guidance for the path forward.
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