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  • switching off SSLP

    I've been running the LP as the title suggests. I stalled on 3 of my lifts this week - squat, deadlift and press. This is the end of week 12 of the SSLP for me, I've already stalled a couple of times earlier on DL and deloaded on squats twice. I had elbow tendonitis issues earlier on, so I didn't progress as much on press and bench as I would've liked. I've been increasing by 5 lbs on bench and press
    I guess I'm wondering if I should continue to try to squeeze out my LP for a few more weeks or maybe look at switching to a different program or switch to the SS advanced novice template, which I think is introducing a light squat day?

    my lifts progressed as follows
    squat: 135 lb -> 230 lb
    DL: 135 lb -> 265 lb
    bench: 115lb -> 160lb
    press: 65 lb -> 115 lb
    body weight: 180 lbs(approximate) -> 195 lbs, I'm 6'0,

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    We do not recommend people "squeeze out" their LP - especially if they are already experiencing multiple stalls and issues with pain/tendinopathy, as continuing to repeatedly grind near-maximal sets is likely to exacerbate these issues.

    We have a number of post-novice programming options, such as the Bridge, which is designed to introduce the lifter to a number of skills and concepts (such as fatigue management, autoregulation, and movement variation) that will be important for their long-term development.
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