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Piggybacking off of the post on template progression

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  • Piggybacking off of the post on template progression

    Good afternoon docs, I hope you have been well and enjoyed your Thanksgiving week.

    I just read the post where a user asks about the optimal order of templates starting with hypertrophy and moving on to powerbuilding followed by group programming. Dr. Feigenbaum said that he would recommend just running with strength I or II as well as talked about filler weeks.

    My question is, because I am entering week 9 on hypertrophy II on my second go-round of hypertrophy II > powerbuilding II > strength III, would it make more sense to skip over powerbuilding to begin strength III? I've made a great deal of progress on the current template but I am itching to get right into the strength development block to tackle a couple goals at its conclusion. I've always felt that powerbuilding II was an unnecessary step in my previous go-round with how similar it was to hypertrophy II and I'd rather change up my rep schemes sooner than later.

    Following that question with another, do you recommend a second low-stress week following the current template? I am beginning to feel the fatigue creeping in and I don't think I'd be fully prepared to tackle week 2 and beyond after only one low stress week, but it's far enough out to tell for sure.

    Thank you for your time as always, I am greatly appreciative of it

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    If your specific goals are more in line with the strength template (i.e., more powerlifting specific), that is a fine jump to make.

    Regarding the low stress question - we can't feasibly know this for you, since we don't know much about you. This is going to be based on your needs. Fortunately, over the course of a multi-decade long training career (as you should be aiming for), these sorts of decisions are trivial.
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