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modifying template ahead of competition

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  • modifying template ahead of competition

    Hey Docs,

    I am currently on week 2 on my second run through of Hypertrophy II and once I complete this I was going to start Strengthlifting II that I have already purchased. I am thinking about entering my first local Strongman Comp on May 16th and I do have some implements at home such as an Atlas Stone, Farmers handles, giant tire and kegs. Was wondering about the feasibility of following Strengthlifting II to it's entirety while still allowing a day to practice with the implements. Or I was thinking maybe skipping the GPP stuff (with the exception of cardio) in lieu of an Implement day. What do you think?

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    Those options are reasonable; if you choose to use the GPP days as implement training days, it would be important to be mindful of absolute loading on those days (i.e., how heavy you go), particularly early on. As you progress and get closer to the meet, your implement training should likely pick up in terms of frequency and intensity, which means your barbell-specific training should likely decrease in overall volume and frequency towards the end, too.
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