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    Last week I ran my first 5k. Managed to finish in 25:40 min (8:16 pace). I was happy with this because I never run, my GPP cardio consists of LISS (brisk walking) most weeks, and I only had seven total training sessions over the last two weeks to train. I am currently doing the Strength I template, running on my GPP days, and doing brisk walks on my weight training days. I want to run another 5k on New Years, but I am not sure how to train for it. Here was my training for this last 5k (excluding brisk walks; those are typically 20 min at an incline at 3.5mph):

    Session 1: Walk 1:30min Run 1:30 min @6 intervals for 15 minutes total; ran 6 minutes straight to end @6
    Session 2: Brisk Walk 3min; Run 10min @6; 3min brisk walk
    Session 3: Run 30 minutes @7 (3.17 miles total)
    Session 4: Run 43:20 min @6 for 4.11 miles at a 10:30 pace
    Session 5: Run 1:05:11 @6 for 6.51 miles at a 10:00 pace and 266ft elev gain
    Session 6: Run 30:04 min @7 for 3.27 miles at 9:11 pace and 103ft elev gain
    Session 7: Run 20:04min @7-8 for 2.33 miles at 8:36 pace and 66ft elev gain
    Race Day: Run 25:43min @8.5 for 3.18miles at 8:16 pace and 147ft elev gain

    I do not have any interest in losing my possible strength gains from the template I am currently doing, and I am fine not breaking any state running records or anything lol. I would, however, like to increase my 5k time as much as I can (within reason) while still being primarily a powerlifter. How would someone go about this?

    Also, I have noticed that the leg that my sciatica symptoms are in tends to feel wayyyy more fatigued and cramped than my other leg after runs and walks. I assume this is normal for some mild muscle weakness from neuropathies?


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    I would first recommend listening to our recent podcast episode on running.

    Unfortunately it's tough to provide individualized recommendations for how to program towards specific goals via this forum, but that would be an appropriate question for our coaching consult service, for example with Dr. Amato.
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