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Beginner Temp vs LP.

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  • Beginner Temp vs LP.

    Hey Doc,

    You guys have leaned away from the LP because of lack of volume, and conditioning.

    But if we are talking about gaining the most amount of strength in the shortest amount of time for a person that took a break from training, which would it be?

    You guys may be bias for the Beginner Temp because you guys created it, but I figured I still ask.

    Little back story,

    Because of dissatisfaction of results I quit barbell training for about a month and switched to some calisthenics and some "bro" exercises. Well it got boring very quickly, I was craving to grind under a heavy barbell and missed the thrill of doing a lift @ RPE 8,9. And after seeing Alan's video (forgot the name of it) it gave me some motivation to get back under the bar.
    I started doing the LP to keep things simple and after the first stall I switched to the Beginner Temp. But 3 weeks in the Beginner Temp I'm questioning if I be making more progress in terms of getting my numbers back up in the LP. Of course, after the LP I'd switch to BBM programming no questions asked.

    Before I quit I had ran the 4 day hyper -> quit half way in 12wk Str so I do have a background in the conditioning that BBM encourages. I'm just hungry to see my numbers go up + more with the a new mindset.

    Thanks, you guys are awesome

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    You'll gain more strength, e.g. force production measured in a specific context, across more rep ranges and exercises in the Beginner Program vs. LP. You might be better at 5's at the end of LP, but that is not a given either due to the lack of volume, autoregulation, etc.

    The main thing is....why does it matter? LP lasts for ~ 9 weeks, on average. Prioritizing rapid strength gain over a short period of time in the targeted demographic for these programs is a bit silly, no?

    I get it from an adherence standpoint, but if you're actually getting stronger...our template (or a similar one) will allow you to take advantage of that better than LP.

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