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Beginner Template + Running 3x/wk

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  • Beginner Template + Running 3x/wk

    Hey guys,
    After a 6 week hiatus from strength training following surgery (as per Surgeon's advice), I'm ready to start lifting again.
    I've also recently joined a running club and started running 3x/wk, 30-60min sessions, with more weekly mileage than I have in the past.
    I have previously bought the BBM Beginner Template and I am interested in trying it out for the first time.
    So my question is whether, generally speaking, starting the Beginner Template is something that would not be recommended right now (adding squats 3x/wk and deadlifts 2x/wk while also getting used to the new running volume) or if it's just worth trying to see how it goes. Any specific advice here?

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    I think that it would be fine, in general, particularly with the inclusion of autoregulation in both your resistance training and running.

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      Thanks Jordan, I'll give it a go!