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PB2 Supplements - Barbell Only?

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  • PB2 Supplements - Barbell Only?

    I'll be running Powerbuilding II starting next week (while on a cut, wish me luck on mitigating my muscle loss!), but with gyms once again closed in my state, I do not have any machines or dumbbells, only barbells. In PB II, I noticed all of the supplemental lifts require those, while the main lifts have alternatives that always include something that can be done with a barbell. However, this template does not have an exercise selection tab for me to pick something alternative for the supplementals. What would you suggest in this situation?

    As a reminder, the exercises in question are:

    Leg Extension
    DB Lat Raise
    Leg Curl
    DB Flye

    Also, my version of the template is 3.2, so if there is a newer version that does account for these, it's not the version I have. I've run this program once before, and enjoyed it, but had the last couple weeks of it cut off for me the last time due to lockdowns happening right as I got to Week 8.

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    Hi GP,
    Glad you're able to run the template again, and it should be great on a cut. For the supplemental work, you can do those things if you can get your hands on a resistance band. This would allow you to do-
    banded leg extensions
    plate lateral raises
    banded leg curls
    plate DB flyes.

    And this should be the current version!



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      Thanks, Leah! I'll make sure to try those out! The banded stuff will definitely be new for me. I guess the best way to do that would be by sitting in a chair, so I don't pull the thing I'm wrapped around apart?

      Always appreciate the quick answers!


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        If you have a rack, that's what I'd connect the band to. You should be able to find some demo videos on banded variations via a YouTube search. There are some creative set ups out there!