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  • Programming around injury rehab

    Hi BBM crew,

    I’ve just completed week 12.8, phase 3, of the beginner template. A month or two ago I had pain in my biceps, front delts, and upper chest. I followed the Pain in Training protocol by reducing load for all presses and for any pulls involving biceps (i.e., deadlift not affected because no bicep involvement), as well as doing sets of 10 reps at a slower tempo. This is working, and I’m steadily increasing load on all my presses and rows. However, on my other lifts (deadlifts, squats, etc.), I think I’ll soon be ready for the next training template (which I plan to be PB 1). My question is, should I continue to PB 1 for deadlift and squat movements, while continuing rehab with slow tempo sets of 10 for presses and rows?


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    Yep, that'd work and I'd start moving those tempo sets of 10 towards normal tempo and lower rep schemes over the next few weeks.
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      Great, thanks Jordan!