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    Hey docs! First thanks for all the info you guys put out, you have no idea how much you have helped me.

    My question is about the GPP days on Hypertrophy 1. I want to get decent at rowing, so in the first LISS gpp workout I use it, but doing HIIT with long rest intervals feel really weird in my opinion, like I'm barely doing anything (or I'm not able to create the stress in that all out 20 seconds). Would it be fine if I do two (rowing) LISS workouts instead of one LISS and one HIIT?

    The other option would be to do the HIIT jumping rope (doing 20 seconds double unders and resting), but I feel that 1:40 seconds of rest also feels like a lot for jumping rope.

    What would you guys do here?


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    I do most of my HIIT rowing, but if you wanted to do twice weekly LISS, that's fine too.

    The idea behind the long rest periods (compared to the work intervals) is so that you're completely rested, thus making them anaerobic.
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