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Romanian Deadlifts vs Good Mornings

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  • Romanian Deadlifts vs Good Mornings

    These two movements are very similar. Hip hinge for posterior chain.
    The difference is in loading. We can probably RDL more than we can GM. And that's because of moment arms between the barbell and the hips i asume.

    My question is - Does this make a difference for hypertrophy?
    Is GM less systemically fatiguing because of less axial loading?
    Is RDL more stimulative than GM because of more weight being used?
    Is one better than the other? It seems to me like GM has a better SFR
    Thank you.

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    1) no reliable difference in hypertrophy, as individual preferences will predominate here.
    2) I think it's likely more axial loading, but no, the reduced mechanical advantage leading to reduced loading doesn't make it less fatigung.
    3) Stimulative for what?
    4) Not really, IMO.

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