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having to change excerises in hypertrophy template

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  • having to change excerises in hypertrophy template

    I had just decided to start your hypertrophy II template and i was very exited to get going. However with the uk going into another national lockdown and gyms closing it has put a spanner in the works.

    luckily at least i have a few bits of equipment that i can use to train:
    - pair of 22.5kg dumbells
    - a bench (adjustable)
    - one adjustable dumbell going up to 12kg

    My first question would be is this enough to even begin the programme or would i be better off just self programming until gyms reopen?

    Secondly if i were to do the programme anyway and gyms were to reopen mid programme which is likely, would it be smart to keep going but with completely different excersises or just starting again with the equipment i can get in a gym?

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Hey Charlie,

    Sorry to hear about the gym situation. Hang in there.

    For your first question, I think you could get creative for each exercise replacement, sure.

    For the second question, I'd just restart the program with the exercises you wanted originally unless you're really loving the home program.

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