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Should I move from Strength I to Powerlifting II?

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  • Should I move from Strength I to Powerlifting II?

    I was running Strength I and was just about to start week 4 before gyms closed here in the UK. I have bought a power rack setup and am looking to restart training within the next few days when it arrives. I have quite a bit more time to train now due to this lockdown, so I was wondering if it would be recommended to just start running Powerlifting II from the start while I have so much time. My stats: SBD 120kg, 90kg, 170kg

    Strength I was working very well for me, so i'm not to sure if this is the right decision to make, but I would really enjoy training an extra day a week. My goal is to get a whole lot stronger while running at a 400-500kcal deficit.

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    I would keep doing strength I, but take the 3rd movements from days 2 and 3 and do them on Day 4.
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