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Leg exercise substitutes for home gym

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  • Leg exercise substitutes for home gym

    Hi everyone!

    I recently purchased the Hypertrophy template and was wondering if what would be ideal exercises to substitute for the leg press, leg extension and leg curls? I only have a rack with basic pulley system, bench, bb and dbs. I assume some kind of squat for the press, something like sissy squats for the extension and maybe Romanian dls for the curls? Just about finishing up with sslp and looking forward to something new but a little lost with all these new movements after several months of only six exercises! :-)

    I tried searching but haven't had much luck finding any program specific info. Thanks and really grateful to have found this amazing sites.


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    Could do split squats, goblet squats, step-ups, etc. for leg press.

    I'd do banded leg extensions for leg extensions or walking lunges if you don't have bands.

    I'd do banded leg curls or nordic hamstring curls for the leg curls.
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      FYI: I have rack with a basic high pulley as well and I use this as a 2nd pulley low to the ground and then use it for leg extentions/leg curls.

      It's also useful for a variety of other exercises (seated rows, cable curls, etc).

      It doesn't quite enable leg press, however, I am able to use it for belt squats which can be a reasonable substitute for leg press at home.