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  • Weak point training

    Hey docs,

    Recently my friend has been saying the best way to get stronger on the powerlifts is to figure out where I fail in a rep and do variations that address that point, aka train specifically for bringing up weak points. He says that is how all the best powerlifters in the world look at their training. Like if the bar is slow off my chest, I should do wide grip bench, and if it's slow at lockout close grip bench to work on triceps.

    Do you think this is necessary? If so is it necessary for everyone or just advanced trainees?

    I personally don't think I have any glaring weak points and that me failing a rep on the bench halfway up doesn't mean my triceps are weak, just that I am generally not strong enough to lift that weight.

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    I don't think that most world-class powerlifters specifically do "weak-point" training, as it's difficult to determine the relationship for why you're failing a lift at a certain spot. For example, it could be that the velocity created prior to the failure point was insufficient- making the real weak point a different spot than you assessed. It may also just be the point where leverage is the worst, thereby being non-modifiable.

    I think your friend is a little overconfident in his opinion and would ask him to define weak point and provide evidence that it improves performance.
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