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    Hi team,

    I'm about to start week 9 of Powerbuilding 2 and need some guidance on my next training block. My history with BBM templates were Hypertrophy 1 followed with probably 3 or 4 runs of powerbuilding 1 as I made excellent progress on them despite covid interfering with some of those runs. I would really like to run strength 1 if anything because of the overload variants to create a new stimulus in my training and also lift 4-5 reps on the main lifts rather than 6.

    However, this is where the problem lies in that I've been dealing with some ongoing pain the last 2 weeks which is that dull pain that shoots through the arm whenever I would warm up for the bench press singles and would again arise after letting it subside when i do the high volume squats. I'm pretty sure this pain is due to the high volume squats in which my form breaks down and my elbows shoot up as I try to just get through it. Either it's my elbow or shoulder creating the pain and I will attempt to really focus on technique and switch up my grip on the high volume squats (no pain on the lower volume squats as I tend to focus on cues a lot more given it's well, heavier).

    Anyways, I don't really want to run powerbuilding 2 for a while despite making even greater gains on my 1rm for all my lifts due to the added volume but need some chill from the training frequency to balance with personal life. Here's my scenarios:

    1. Jump into strength 1 next hopefully rehabbing my pain/form prior to that and if the pain hasn't subsided just reduce the load for bench press to continue rehabbing it while running the program.
    2. Run powerbuilding 1 again and rehab for a few weeks ie after week 5 in pb1, then make the jump to Strength 1.
    3. Run powerbuilding 1 as a full block and just add the overload assistance exercises into it for deadlift and squat.

    As an FYI I have 2 years of barbell experience, have been super slow cutting from 96kg to 89 (after dropping from 100kg down to 84 then slow bulking a better part of a year to 96), height is 6'2 and my e1rm are as follows:

    Squat: 189kg
    deadlift: 218kg
    bench press: 110 (close grip bench press is apparently 121 and I don't tend to get pain flare ups going narrower on the bar) but this is because of historical pain that flares up whilst benching and I believe my form is good enough based on other's observation and this is due to not addressing the issue with my high volume squat on a weekly basis
    Overhead press: 75kg

    I'd love to get my ohp numbers up so if there are any alternatives you may suggest I would really appreciate it.

    Many thanks in advance,

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    I'd probably run strength I, running the low stress week 2x before jumping into the meet of the program.

    Nice job on everything so far!

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