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Squat Tutorial on The Beginner Prescription

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  • Squat Tutorial on The Beginner Prescription

    This is my first time posting, but I've been following BBM for about a year, and appreciate your evidence-based approach to resistance training in the context of health and performance.
    Recently, I've encouraged my parents to resistance train, and referred them to some of your content. As they are both over 60 and fear injury from 'lifting improperly', I've de-emphasized the role of 'perfect technique' for injury risk reduction in our conversations. Recently, they said that they watched the squat tutorial video attached to the Beginner Prescription, which confused them slightly because Alan Thrall stressed some technical specifics like using low-bar to recruit the most muscle, not letting the knees track past the toes, knee slide causing injury, etc.

    It's my understanding that since the making of this video, Alan has made a much better, more concise (in my opinion) tutorial on squatting, which corrects some his previous information:

    Does this new video better reflect your views, and if so, would you consider updating the Beginner Prescription with it?

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    Yes, we should do that. Thanks for the tip.
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