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BBM Program sugestion after finishing SBS program(old ATS 2.0)

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  • BBM Program sugestion after finishing SBS program(old ATS 2.0)

    Hey beautiful ppl at BBM! Happy to be your biggest brazilian fan, been following for more than 2 years and great to see y'all grow!
    Well, I might be able to finally grab a BBM program next sale, so I'm scheduling the programs Ill run this year lol - and would like to ask for a little advice.
    I'll be running the SBS greg nuckols program (old Avarage to Savage 2.0) and after that I'm thinking of transitioning with the bridge and then something like Powerlifting II - reason for this is I think is the most similar to the SBS on both frequency (I'm running the 6x time version) and volume on the main lifts, what do yall think?
    I'm sort of a gym addict so I always aim for 5x-6x a week frequency, I know Jordan doesn't approve of llifting 6x only for the sake of doing it (or at least he gave me similar critque on his IG lifestreams) so maybe this is the oportunity to shred a bit of this frequency and focusing on doing GPP on the other days lol(:
    Thanks much in advance, hoping for a great 2021 for the whole crew and keep the content coming y'all are extremely necessary (even more on countries like Brazil where the median lifter IQ is pretty low) !!

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    I'm not familiar with that program, but you could run The Bridge and then any of our other programs an be okay.

    I think the issue with high frequency training is that people will tend to get non-functional overreaching, e.g. they're training a lot, but making little gainzZz because of all the extra stuff (or unrelated stuff) they're doing in the gym compared to their actual goals. That said, I'd rather people do that than undertrain, for sure.
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