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Deadlift + squat form check

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  • Deadlift + squat form check

    Hey y'all. Was wondering if I could get a DL and squat form check. I have both side and front views, so that depth, back setup, and stand width could all be checked.

    I have the tendency to shoot hips back further and further as squats get heavier. I also tend to pull my deadlifts with flexion in the low back, and I have tried damn near every cue that there is, and still can't solve it. It's wayyyy easier for me to get my back into set position if I do sumo, but that creates other issues, as I tried pulling sumo a few months ago, and while it felt way more advantageous mechanically, I hurt my left hamstring shortly after (hasn't felt the same since, though it is much better now). However, even then, looking back at those, I STILL had flexion.

    Just can't seem to pull any significant weight without that happening. But if I lower it, it would feel super submaximal.

    Also, I'm doing The Bridge 1.0

    Thanks y'all.

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