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Powerlifting peaking nuances

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  • Powerlifting peaking nuances

    Hello, i recently read some stuff about peaking and the way that some people respond better to a long rest and stress reduction before a meet and some people are more volume sensitive and need more work closer to comp

    I was looking into some barbell medicine templates too and what im wondering is if you guys have some general tips and recommendations for me when it comes to programming a meet peak considering that I - lift calm, no music no hype up
    - think that i detrain more quickly, so a whole easy week of training isn't a good idea for me
    - male with two years of experience with proper programming 18 yo

    I thought that "Advanced, fast peak" would be alright for me, thank you for your insight


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    Hey David,

    Is this your first meet and have you ever peeked before?

    I would guess the fast peak template fits you better, sure, provided the training is similar to your current program.

    I do think people place far too much importance on the "peak", hoping for something good to happen. I don't think many folks see a reliable increase in performance that's substantially different than their previous training block's rate of performance improvement.

    Just my 0.02.

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      Thanks for the quick reply Jordan
      I have peaked once before, i felt like i was recovered ahead of time. I was able to match my best training singles and when I'm deloading i often feel like an entire week of low stress training isn't necessary (not always, depending on how tired i am)

      Therefore i suspected that I don't need a lot of time to dissipate fatigue and i could probably peak faster.

      Analysing fast peak template structure is probably going to answer my questions, I mostly wanted a confirmation on what template should suit me well. Thanks again.