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    Jordan Feigenbaum

  • Jordan Feigenbaum
    Hey Paul,

    The Beginner Template is set up so you can pick your own exercises. You can sub in BW-based upper body exercises such as push-ups and variations, hand stand push ups and variations, dips, pull ups, chin ups, etc. for the slots you don't want to OHP.

    I wouldn't combine two programs together though, particularly coming back from an extended period off.


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  • Paul7654321

  • Paul7654321
    started a topic Switchin' it up

    Switchin' it up

    Hey doc hope all has been well.

    I had to take some time off from the gym due to testing positive from COVID. I'm going back to the gym soon(once cleared by a Doctor) and ready to start the Beginner Program, but the thing is I need a little change of pace. I've been essentially doing the same thing (not same program, but same training style) for years and was wondering if the Beginner Template is set up such that we still do the Squats and Deadlifts as prescribed, but only do OHP (Don't care for flat bench) and also run a Beginner Calisthenics Program at the same time? Sure, Squatting and Pulling makes my day but the idea of going back to do SBD is pretty dull.

    You might think that might be too much but the thing is, by default I am very sedentary as a Computer Science Student.

    What are your recommendations? How would one incorporate Powerlifting Style training for Lower Body while incorporating OHP, Calisthenics/Bodybuilding as Upper Body?