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  • Ready to cross the Bridge?

    Dear Docs,

    I've been running the Starting Strength NLP for 8 weeks and have seen good results (all for 3 sets of 5):

    Squat: 40 kg --> 107.5 kg
    Bench: 35 --> 56
    Press (doing seated press as I'm training in a garage with a low ceiling); 15 --> 32
    Deadlift: 50 --> 115

    Bodyweight: 74kg --> 86kg

    However the last couple of squat and bench press sessions have ended in real grinders (I haven't been regularly gauging RPE but I'd say 9.5-10 on the 3rd set of 5), so I'm guessing that my time on the LP is coming to an end (or maybe I've just nocebo'd myself). Is there any advantage to continuing my LP until I actually start failing reps, or should I just move on to the Bridge?/ Is the Bridge appropriate for someone with just 8 weeks of training under their belt?

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    I see no advantage to "running LP out" until the bitter end. I would probably do our Beginner Prescription (free) or Template at this point over the bridge.
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      Cool, thanks for the advice! I'll check out the Beginner Prescription