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Question on how to read templates

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  • Question on how to read templates

    2 question about reading the templates:
    1) For some lifts, I see x reps @RPE8, repeat x reps @8 until @RPE 9 (cap at y sets of x)
    Does this mean after I get to my top set @RPE8, I would then repeat the same weight until either that weight feels like RPE9/cap?

    2) I'm also seeing x reps @RPE9, then -5% from x reps @RPE9 and do x reps until RPE9 again (cap at y sets of x)
    Does this mean I keep taking 5% off each back-off set until it hits RPE9/cap, or do I take 5% off and repeat that weight until RPE9/cap?

    Thanks in advance for your time!

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    Hi Frank,

    Happy to help!
    1. You are correct. When you reach @8 for that set, you use that SAME weight and the same rep scheme. You will do additional sets until one gets to @9 or you reach the cap. 2. You will take 5% off of the top set @9, then with that weight, do as many sets as needed to hit @9 again. You will NOT keep taking 5% off the bar.

    You will likely not need too many sets to hit at @9 target again. Hope that helps.



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      Got it, thank you!