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Powerbuilding 2 template and leg soreness

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  • Powerbuilding 2 template and leg soreness

    I've been training about 2.5 years consistently using BBM templates. I've run the Bridge, Strength 2 and 3, hypertrophy 7 week, and powerbuilding 1 and 2. Running PB 2 now. I'm noticing quite a bit of leg soreness after Day 1. I'm on week 5 currently. The template has 2 leg exercises on Day 1, and then a supplemental leg exercise on day 2. Then no legs until the Day 1 again, which is usually 4-5 days from the last leg exercise.

    The soreness isn't affecting anything, but it's some thing new to this template. Haven't experienced it using any of the others. Should I ignore it? Can I throw in another supplemental leg exercise on day 3/4?

    I'm pretty accurate i'd say with RPE. I sleep about 5 hours a night and i have a pretty stressful job, but none of that has changed since for years. I follow protein recommendations and usually hit 200g / day.

    I'm OK just ignoring it, but if i can mitigate it somehow with extra work that'd be preferable.

    51 y/o, 6'0, 210 male 34 inch waist, Best lifts 335 SQ, 235 BP, 365 DL.

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    I would probably ignore it unless it's bothering you. I'd expect you to continue to get better at tolerating it and recovering from it. Sleeping more would be cool too, but you already knew that and I don't think this is contributory either.
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