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Back Fatigue Beginning Strength I Template

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  • Back Fatigue Beginning Strength I Template

    I just finished the low back pain rehab template, I liked it and learned a lot but ended up running it twice. I felt great starting the Strength I template but after the first week my back was decently sore, and going into the 2nd week the first day with the squat single and overload deadlift (hex bar) my back fatigue was pretty bad the day after. It was to the point where it felt uncomfortable to bend over. Then for day 2 I had to scale back the overload squat (SSB). Then I heard on the recent progressive overload podcast that I might have to repeat weeks at the same weight to accumulate less fatigue. Therefore I decided to do day 3 as the same as week 1 and I am going to start tomorrow doing week 1 all over again with the same weight. I just wanted to see if that was the smartest thing to do and if there was anything else I should do.

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    It looks like this has been addressed in the FB group.
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