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Experience Training Clients with RA?

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  • Experience Training Clients with RA?

    Do you guys have any data on training clients with RA? How much there disease affects them, painful movements, rates of progression, etc?

    I have RA and want to get back to lifting after completing my rehab with Dr. Amato. The only pain I used to get when lifting was wrist pain when doing presses. I'm not sure if this is due to RA or an RSI and wondered if you guys have any experience with this.

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    Hi there,

    There is an enormous range of variability in people's experience with RA, so there isn't really any specific answer we can give to your first few questions. We can't predict how the condition might impact you or your rates of progress, however we do know that exercise in general, and strength training in particular, is extremely important and beneficial for those with RA. As far as how to manage your training in the context of pain-related issues, I imagine you learned quite a bit about how to manage this from working with Dr. Amato, but the general guidelines that we lay out here apply in the same way.
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