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If not madcow, then what?

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  • If not madcow, then what?

    I only recently discovered this forum/channel thanks to Alan Thrall's YouTube channel. Absolutely blown away with the quality content available.

    My discovery of the channel coincided with a change in training program. I had been running strong lifts and had began to stall. Naturally I chose Madcow for my transition to an intermediate program. I enjoy training with compound movements so it seemed like a great fit. I had my reservations about the program but decided to try it.

    As I was preparing to begin week 3, while binging a few of your youtube videos, I stumbled across the one were Dr. Feigenbaum states, abundantly clear, that he wouldn't recomend Texas method for anybody... ever... devastating.

    So if Madcow isn't a viable option for anybody I'd like to ask to be nudged in the appropriate direction. Current relevent numbers for 5×5 (with the exception of DL which is 1×5) -

    Age: 28
    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 178

    Squat: 285
    Row: 165
    OHP: 120
    DL: 335

    Any recommendations are much appreciated.

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    Welcome to the forum

    I think that there are a number of different ways to resistance train in a way that promotes health and performance. However, I would prefer these programs meet the following criteria:

    1) Adequate variations in exercise and rep schemes appropriate to the individual's preferences and goals
    2) Conditioning volume that is consistent with the current physical activity guidelines
    3) Autoregulation

    With that in mind, I'd probably start with our Beginner Template (from phase II) or Bridge.

    -Jordan .
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