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Hypertrophy II Fat Loss?

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  • Hypertrophy II Fat Loss?

    Hi BBM,

    I notice in the description for hypertrophy II it reads “the Hypertrophy II template is a great template for those who are interested in losing body fat.” I’ve also seen you mention that in general you recommend higher volume/hypertrophy blocks during a fat loss phase.

    Can I ask, why?

    I’m sure the real answer is that any template/training style works but was curious why specifically hypertrophyII would be optimal during a fat loss phase.


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    I think people do better with respect to weight loss in a high energy flux situation, e.g. they're burning lots of Calories. The exercise volume in HyperII is rather high, which helps accomplish this task.

    That all being said, I think any template can work during a fat loss phase too.
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      Anecdotal response: I've lost 20-ish lbs (218 October to 196 this morning) following the last few weeks of Powerbuilding 2 and now finishing up the last 2 weeks of Strength 3. Primary lifts are up to PR territory after a year or so of sub-par finishing grad school while working 60 hours a week training.

      Diet & consistency has a very large effect for fat loss.