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    In your (BBM) article on GPP exercises, you mention that it's possiby a good idea to include more triceps exercises. I'm curious if an of the following examples has a advantage/disadvantage, maybe even only minor or theoretical. I know that there are a lot of other more important things during a 10-year training spam, but it's more out of curiosity.

    Example 1:

    You just do Lying triceps extensions, for all your GPP days.

    Example 2:

    You do Lying triceps extension for a block, then you do triceps pushdowns, then you do another exercise and son on.

    Example 3:

    You do two tricep exercises in week 1, and two different tricep exercises in week 2, and then you keep rotating between the weeks.

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    I think I would do different exercises each day (if training > 1x/wk), but keep them the same over a block.
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