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Running Powerbuilding 1 again - adjustments to make

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  • Running Powerbuilding 1 again - adjustments to make

    Hi there - I am due to finished Powerbuilding 1 in 4 weeks, and am going to run it again as I enjoyed it.

    Could I have some input on possible adjustments please? I was going to:
    • skip week 1 and jump straight into week 2
    • substitute some exercises for those which are recommended in the hypertrophy template (which I'm not running yet). E.g. swap RDLs in weeks 2-5 for block pulls or paused deadlifts, swap close grip bench for paused bench, swap beltless press for push press - all while keeping the reps and RPE the same.
    • if substituting exercises, do you recommend running the same substitutes every week, or could I for example swap RDLs for block pulls one week and paused deadlifts the week after?

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    I would not skip week 1 and you can substitute exercises for each block (not week).
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