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  • Bodybuilding Template Questions

    I just purchased the bodybuilding template and will start running it this week. This will be my first time using an RPE based system, definitely looking forward to it! I've read through the PDF, watched the video and have some questions. Apologies in advance if any of these topics of have been addressed already!
    • There's not an exercise options for a vertical press with dumbbells. Is this on purpose as it's more difficult to add weight in smaller increments to dumbbell moves, or is it okay to incorporate a seated overhead press for example?
    • In the first week or 2 the progression calls for 3 sets at a set number of reps at an RPE ascending 6-7-8. All of the examples in the documents provided show a weight increase for each set. What if due to fatigue, the RPE increases without the weight increase? Is this okay, or does it mean I'm not resting enough...or something along those lines?
    • This is kind of a tech. question, but in the spreadsheet is it okay to log accessory exercises in a blank space to the right of each day? I don't want to mess up any formulas.
    That's about it for now. I'm sure I'll be back to these forums a lot in the coming weeks. Thanks in advance.

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    You could definitely substitute in any/all DB exercise for the default exercise selection.

    It would be highly unlikely that the RPE climbs from 6 to 7 or 7 to 8 without adding weight. If this did happen, I would assume the initial set was rated too low and that someone was resting for a very short period of time.

    You can use any of the blank spaces as you like, but the NOTES sections might be a handy way to keep everything in one spot!

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      Appreciate the feedback. Starting day 1 this week. Thanks’