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Pulling Conventional in Hypertrophy I

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  • Pulling Conventional in Hypertrophy I

    Hi, I've already ran Powerbuilding I and Strength I and am now moving onto the Hypertrophy I template. I have been pulling sumo as my competition deadlift just to experiment with pulling that style, and would like to try pulling conventional as my competition deadlift from now. However, knowing that you guys prefer to pull conventional as the competition deadlift, the Hypertrophy I template starts off by pulling sumo for the first half and conventional the other. So assuming that I have been pulling sumo for the past two templates, should I switch the order where I pull conventional first and then sumo, proceeding to pull conventional for competition deadlifts in future templates? Or should I run the template as the default set exercises? I have also considered maybe it is viable to just pull conventional throughout the whole Hypertrophy I template and just omit pulling sumo. Maybe you guys have other thoughts?
    Much appreciated.

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    I don't think it matters much either way, as the template is set up more for folks who aren't competitive powerlifters, but like training with barbells. If you want to pull sumo during one block and conventional during the other, that's cool. You could also pull the same for both blocks.

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