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Switching up Powerbuilding 1?

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  • Switching up Powerbuilding 1?

    I'm finishing up Hypertrophy 1 and was planning to move to Powerbuilding 1 as I'm still on a caloric deficit and didn't want to do a pure strength template quite yet. I noticed that PB1 is divided into two mini-blocks, the first 5 weeks appear to be more Hypertrophy focused, while the second 5 weeks appear to be more Strength focused.

    My question is, is there any downside to me doing Strength block before the Hypertrophy block since I'm already coming off a Hypertrophy program?

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    Eh, I think the development block lays the foundation for the 2nd block of PB I and I wouldn't recommend starting on the 2nd block.
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