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Being process minded is helpful, but?

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  • Being process minded is helpful, but?

    First, thanks for oppurtunity to ask you questions we want via this forum.
    I am a decent guy who have been lifting weights moderately for almost 2 years. It absolutely helped me, no doubt. Gains I get is moderate, I gained about 10 lbs in this period of time. What I wanna ask you is this: Some of my friends who have never touched a barbell before do look more muscular and stronger than I am. Because of that, I sometimes find myself asking "Why I am doing this (meaning going to the gym, lifting weights, spending some time of my own choosing & cooking healtier foods), they are already better than I am, Even though they have done nothing to have it, it is like born with this natural ability, right?"

    I know that it is about being best version of yourself.
    Comparing yourself with other people may sometimes be unnecessary.
    Try to be process minded
    Choose red pill

    What do you have to say all about that. How do you motivate yourself in things that you work hard for to get it but at the same time, the same thing is already gotten by another maden 0 effort.

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    1) Life isn't "fair". This includes the genetics you inherit.

    2) There will always be someone better, stronger, faster, smarter, or superior by any objective metric you can think of. This includes your friends - there are countless people who are even more muscular and stronger than they are. Additionally, you may not actually have an accurate picture of what happens "behind the scenes" with those folks - perhaps they may have more of a training history than you are aware of, for example.

    Finally, what is your alternative in this situation? If there is another task or goal that you would rather pursue or find more fulfilling, there is nothing wrong with pursuing that instead. But if not, and your goal is to improve your own strength or muscle mass, the appearance or strength of your friends is (and should be) completely and utterly irrelevant to that end.
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      Austin, will you be my dad?