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Desensitizing ourselves to a stimulus

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  • Desensitizing ourselves to a stimulus

    If our competiton squat is low bar for example, is there any value in staying completely away from it for a period of time (some off-season / gpp work right after a competition for example) if we have been doing it for a while in various different rep ranges? This goes for any lift really, not using our comp grip for some time on the bench, opposite stance deadlift etc...

    I understand that we can use it in conjunction with other variations (low bar / high bar in the same micro cycle) but im particularly interested in do you guys think that staying away from it completely can be useful, i found that it helps me get rid of some bad habits, thank you.

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    I think cycling out the competition lifts can be useful from a mostly psychological standpoint, e.g. less worry over performance by using a novel exercise vs. one with a long history, renewed enjoyment of training with additional variations (for some), etc. It also can be useful if someone has an overuse injury they're trying to work through and there's no meet on the horizon.

    That said, for a competitive powerlifter I don't know that I'd prefer extended periods of time without exposure to the competition lifts. If someone doesn't actually compete, then carry on.
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