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What template should I do?

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  • What template should I do?

    Hello again.

    I am wondering which template would be best for me.

    I did a version of Starting Strength pretty much all of 2020 (I say "version" because although I trained the major lifts 3xs per week, I did not increase the weight on the bar every workout), but I moved early this year and did not have access to barbells. I have been running the At Home template and mixing in other at home workouts since about mid January.
    I finally found a gym with power racks and barbells, so I would like to get back to training.

    I am trying to decide to start with the General Strength and Conditioning template or start with the Beginner template due to my extended time away from barbells.

    What would you guys recommend?

    Thanks again for all of the help!


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    I'd start with the Beginner Template at this stage of the game. I think you'll like it!

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