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    I know this isn't a body building forum, but my wife is concentrating on quad mass right now and asked me specifically if there were any specific exercises that would target the vastus lateralis. I understand the global application of leg exercises to increase mass in general, but am lookong for any specific exercise recommendations for desired increases in lateral thigh mass? I suggested a more forward toe angle during squats, leg presses, lunges, etc. Thoughts? I assume that the recommendation will be to.simply continue train8ng in a normal way that stimulates hypertrophy as in the body building template

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    I wouldn't expect a different toe angle to target the vastus lateralis or any other different muscle than is trained with a different toe angle, as the toe angle doesn't really matter.

    To answer your wife's question, squats, lunges/split squats, and leg extensions are probably the best for quadriceps hypertrophy provided the nutritional environment and physiological milieu are receptive.
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