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Disadvantages of not following structured program for hypertrophy?

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  • Disadvantages of not following structured program for hypertrophy?

    I've been training for 18 years with a focus on hypertrophy without following a structured long term program. I've tried a few programs recently such as BBM and SBS and just don't find that they offer enough variability for me. I enjoy mixing up movements week to week, and outside of the big 3, not a fan of doing the same thing over and over. I do structure my volume and intensity within a given week to ensure I am training within the hypertrophy range, but I do not record my performance and track it from week to week, mainly because I may do barbell rows one week, DB rows the next, Seated cable rows, etc. I'm hoping you can shed some light on what I might be missing by not following a structured long term program, and what the advantages would be for someone like myself.


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    I think movement variability is generally good in training, though I worry when it becomes too much and compromises the stress on the targeted muscle group(s) either by reducing it or increasing it substantially and making the training stress less tolerable for a person's given fitness level, thereby stimulating less growth.

    This is in addition to making less strength gains and having difficulty managing stress and fatigue appropriately.

    You don't have to do any of this to meet the physical activity guidelines from a resistance training standpoint, but I think you'd be better off if you did.
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