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How might I peak for this?

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  • How might I peak for this?

    No longer chasing 1 rep maxes but I do miss having that one test or performance to train for. I’ve decided I want to do the following for time :

    405 squat. 1 mile run. 405 deadlift. 1.5 mile run.

    I am still lifting 4x a week , running 2x a week so these aren’t gonna be new movements or actions , but doing them at the same time will be. As such I assume I need to peak for it like I would a meet.

    is there anything special I should consider while peaking ? How soon before this test would you suggest I stop lifting and running?

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    I'd probably just take 2-3 days off before you do this from your normal training, as this kind of workout probably won't respond to a peak if you're not going to train for it specifically.
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      Appreciate it Jordan !