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Am I going too heavy on the RDL's?

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  • Am I going too heavy on the RDL's?

    Hey Docs!

    I'm on the Hypertrophy I template atm, and I was wondering if I am going too heavy on the RDL's. I can "feel" the exercise at lower weights for 12 reps (45kg) vs. at a higher weight (100kg) for 12 reps. I did the 100kg RDL's for 12 reps @8 but didn't feel much tension in my hamstrings, while I was better able to "feel" the movement in my hamstrings at half the weight. Should I titrate up the weight from 45kg or titrate down the weight from 100kg? How important is it in this exercise that I perform this exercise the "body-building" way by controlling the eccentric and feeling it in my hamstrings? I feel like before, I was just deadlifting the movement and letting my knees come forward, thereby not training my hamstrings as much.



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    I'm not sure I can tell you if the weight is appropriate from here. I do think the eccentric should be controlled and some form constraints should be utilized, e.g. relatively neutral spine, consistent knee flexion angle, and tempo. Whether you feel the exercise in your hamstrings during the exercise is not particularly relevant to me, but if you're never sore in the muscles of the posterior chain after RDLs or similar exercises with a decent amount of volume, I may consider a technique change from a bodybuilding perspective and/or a programming change.
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      Thank you doc! I actually woke up today feeling pretty sore in my hamstrings this morning xD